Thursday, March 10, 2011

Which Tringle is Larger the Other

How can this be true???? All the lines are straight, the shapes that make up the top picture are the same as the ones in the bottom picture so where does the gap come from????

If you can't see the solution by looking you could try printing it out and looking along the edges....

Failing that then let me just tell you the answer....

The green triangle has dimensions 2 x 5 and gradient 2 / 5 = 0.4

The red triangle has dimensions 3 x 8 and gradient 3 / 8 = 0.375

Hence the gradient of the green triangle is greater than that of the red triangle.

An exaggerated outline might look like....

answer triangle puzzle missing square

In summary the missing square in the bottom triangle is made up for by the fact that it's hypotenuse bends out where as for the top triangle it bends in.

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