Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You have 50 red marbles and 50 blue marbles. Your have two jars. If I am to choose a jar at random, what ratios of marbles would you put in each jar to increase the probability of me choosing a red marble?

Determine which jar has the heavier marbles in the least amount of weighings

You have 10 jars .Each jar has 100 marbles
9 of the 10 jars -> each marble weighs 1 gram each
last jar -> each marble weights 1.1 grams each
electronic weight scale
    - place what you want to weight on it
    - hit a button
    - get the total weight

find the defective jar ?

Answer:Take 1 marble from jar 1, 2 from jar 2, 3 from jar 3 and so on...so u have 55 marbles in all
Weigh them all together...if total weight is 55.1....then jar 1 is the one with obese marbles...if 55.2..then jar 2...and so on...  again 55.3 can't be the combination of jar 1 and 2 as (.1 +.2 ) since defective jar is only one.