Thursday, August 11, 2011

6 Bullet & a Pesron Puzzle

You have been taken hostage by terrorists. Terrorist has a revolver with 6 empty chambers. He now loads the revolver with 2 bullets in front of you. These two bullets are kept next to each other (contiguously) in the 2 adjacent chambers, the terrorist now spins the barrel so that now you don't know what is location of bullets in chamber. He keep the revolver against your head and pulls the trigger. But its lucky day for you. It was the empty chamber. Now terrorist gives a slight chance to get free. He gives you a choice whether he should spin the barrel first then pull the trigger again.. or should just simply pull the trigger again ? If you get lucky again, terrorists will let you go..otherwise ..!!!

So what would you prefer ? Would you want him to spin the barrel first then shoot or just shoot without spinning the barrel ?

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pkk@2010 said...

I would ask him to shoot without spinning the barrel.
reason: in first case the first shot is missed it means it could have been from either of the 4 empty slots.The next shot would be hit only if the empty slot happens to be the slot just before the slots containing bullet hence probability of getting killed is:

but if he rolls the barrel again then probability of getting killed would be 2/6=1/3 which is greater.