Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doctor & Pill

Your doctor gives you two bottles with pills. Lets call them Pill-A and Pill-B. The Bottles are of different collours to distinguish Pill-A bottle from Pill-B bottle. The pills are otherwise identical and once out of their bottle, it is not possible to say which is Pill-A and which is Pill-B. You are supposed to take one pill of each type daily.

One day, you open the bottle of Pill-A, and tap one out into your hand. Then you open the bottle of Pill-B and try to do the same, but two Pill-B’s comes out in your hand.

Now you have 3 identical Pills, one of which is Pill-A and Pill-B, But you cannot distinguish one from another. How will you ensure that you take only one Pill-A and one Pill-B?

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